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Orlando's Local Henna Tattoo Studio: Beachcombers Bazaar
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Henna FAQ

central Florida henna artist, Jody of Beachcombers Bazaar, Orlando hennaMehndi, the art of henna tattoos in Orlando
Our henna is natural, safe, painless, and beautiful.

Henna done at our Orlando store is done by Jody, but we love to feature other talented central Florida henna artists too.  Any henna artist at Beachcombers Bazaar will only use quality safe natural henna products. 

Beachcombers' temporary henna tattoos are safe, painless, and beautiful! 

Henna tattoos are not real tattoos.  No needles are used, only natural henna paste which leaves a temporary stain on the skin. Henna is a reddish/brown color and lasts 1-3 weeks.  See our Henna FAQ page with pictures!

Orlando henna artist, Jody of Beachcombers Bazaar professional Orlando henna artist

Henna By Appointment at our Orlando Henna Studio

Henna appointments available Mon-Friday 10-5.
Last minute appointments and call-aheads are often available.

Tuesday-Friday 10:00-4:00
By Appointment Only

    Questions?  Check our Henna FAQ page here.

Henna tattoo appointments are scheduled via phone 407-236-7878 or email
Cash and credit cards are accepted for henna tattoos.
Credit cards accepted for henna tattoos at Beachcombers in Orlando.

Check out our FaceBook Fan Page page for tons of henna pictures!

Learn more about henna at our henna help site, www.HennaHelp.com.

Guest professional henna artist, Nadia, doing henna tattoos in Orlando at Beachcombers Bazaar.

Need henna at another time?
Check our list of local Orlando henna artists and central FL henna artists below.

Orlando has a wonderful talented henna community.  We, at Beachcombers, love to show off local Orlando henna talent! Below is a list of local henna artists in central Florida in addition to Jody of Beachcombers Bazaar & Henna Studio. This is by no means a complete list, but it's a good place to get you started.

Visit our Orlando Store to pick up henna products and henna kits for do-it-yourself henna.  We also feature henna classes and workshops, so keep an eye on our Local Events page.

Central Florida Mehndi Henna Artist Directory
These henna artists are not employees of Beachcombers Bazaar, though we are happy to have them in our shop when possible!  This is just a friendly list of fabulous Orlando area henna artists for your convenience.

Be sure to tell your henna artist that you found
them through Beachcombers Bazaar! 

Print List

The Henna Studio (Ena Rodriquez)
Orlando FL henna artist/gilding specialist

Ena has work featured in our henna picture gallery.
Ena (pronounced henna without the "h") can do any henna style you could possibly need and is a wiz with glitter & gilding paste. Ena specializes in bridal henna and parties.  She can arrange for your henna needs with multiple henna artists, nails, makeup, hair, and photography.  She is perfect for sangeets and other parties, but she also does one-on-one henna.  Speaks fluent Spanish.

Red Moon Henna (Ron Jaffe)
Orlando FL
henna artist

Ron has work featured in our henna picture gallery.
Ron specializes in large scale events, including corporate events.  He does spectacular work, has an incredible knowledge of the history of henna, and is very professional.  Ron is available for corporate events, festivals, and private appointments.  He has a complete professional set up that will impress your clients, employees, or friends.  If you need to hire a reliable artist for an event, Ron is your guy.

Shakti Art (Devi Ma)
Orlando FL henna artist/face painting/card readings/real tattoos

Tina has work featured in our henna picture gallery.
Tina is a local Orlando artist that does both henna tattoos and face painting.  This earthy, soft-spoken henna artist also does real tattoos as well!  If you are looking for a henna artist for a drum circle or an event with an earthy or tribal feel, this is artist for you. 

World Henna (Zulay)
Orlando FL henna artist/face painting

Zulay has work featured in our henna picture gallery.
Zulay does henna for private events, festivals, and one-on-one henna.  Zulay works from home and can accept last minute henna needs at your home or hers.

Tejal's Henna (Tejal)
Orlando FL henna artist/eyebrow threading

Being Indian, Tejal has been doing henna tattoos since childhood.  She specializes in beautifully delicate traditional designs and is as sweet as she can be!  She specializes in bridal henna.   

Om Beauty (Almi)
Orlando FL henna artist/eyebrow threading
Almi has over 12 years of experience in hennaing and specializes in brow shaping by art of threading.  Available for variety of events including corporate events, festivals and fairs, birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, grad parties, or just for fun.

Lamya Bharmal
Orlando FL
henna artist/eyebrow threading

Lamya has been doing henna since childhood, and has been trained in India learning the art of henna from its roots. She has been awarded for her unique designs and is very passionate about Henna believing henna brings good luck to both the giver and receiver.

Henna Love by Naasirah

Kissimmee FL henna artist

Naasirah is the sweetest thing!  If you need a henna artist in Kissimmee, she is your girl! 

Green Leaf Henna (Patricia)
Orlando henna artist
Check out Patricia's website for pictures of her wonderful work.

Everything Henna
(SaKeena B-Burgos)
Orlando FL henna artist

Local Orlando henna artist, Courtney at Beachcombers Bazaar doing henna tattoos.
Courtney Kanistras

Orlando FL henna artist

Courtney has work featured in our henna picture gallery.
Courtney is a fun easy-going henna artist with an easy laugh.  She is an easy fit for a party or for one-on-one henna.  Wonderfully professional with great organization skills, she is perfect for large events.  Read some of the fantastic henna tips on our Henna Tips and Tricks page that Courtney has contributed.

Henna by Nadia

Orlando FL henna artist

Peace Love and Henna
(Heather Clark)
Orlando FL henna artist
This young henna artist also used "henna as a business" for her
senior project.  She does many different styles of henna and you
can see some of her work on her website.

Amy M Aviles
Orlando FL henna artist
This new henna artist does real ink tattoos as well!

Honeycutt Henna (Lauren Honeycutt)
Orlando FL henna artist
This is a brand new young artist is an eclectic henna artist
that trends toward non-traditional henna designs. 

Florida Henna Artists Outside Orlando

Get Hennafied
Melbourne FL henna artist
Missy is an art major that was introduced to henna in college.  She specializes in girl parties and wine parties.  If you want a fun energetic henna artist that will be thought of as a fun guest at your party, this is your artist! 

Henna Junkie (Jennifer)
Treasure Coast FL henna artist
This henna artist is an artist all around. She specializes in skull caps (for cancer patients) in addition to doing both traditional and eclectic henna styles.

Love To Be Stained (Lori)
Tampa FL henna artist


Lori is a henna artist in the Tampa Bay area that is eclectic and fresh.  She does some mean two-tone henna work!  Check her website for samples.

Be sure to tell your henna artist that you found
 them through Beachcombers Bazaar! 

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