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Jody Rogers, co-owner of Beachcombers Bazaar in Olrando Florida.Jodyís Personal Picks
Perhaps you have seen, Jodyís Personal Picks, on the www.ShopBeachcombers.com website? Well who the heck is Jody and whatís so important about her personal picks?

Who is Jody?
Iím Jody! Thatís me on the right. I am co-owner of ShopBeachcombers.com, Inc. (better known as Beachcombers Bazaar).
I do the buying and designing for Beachcombers products. If you donít like what we offer, itís all my fault, lol!

I have our glass bangles made for us in bulk, and then I mix and match them to create our unique Beachcombers bangle sets. I design almost all of our khussa shoes and have them made in limited quantities (normally less than 30 of a style). I create our henna tattoo kits to be easy-to-use, functional, and fun. I also write all of our instructions, FAQs, our sizing and help guides, and our Henna Design Books.
My job is big and demanding but, man, is it fun! I mean, come on! What girl would say no to designing Indian shoes and glass bangle sets for a living?
Now, what are my personal picks?
In the Jodyís Personal Picks section of the website, I feature items for a variety of different reasons. They may be items that I have in my personal collection (often you will find my current favorite pair of khussa shoes in the picks section). They may be new items that Iíve just created and am very happy with, or they could be items that are a really great bargain.
Here are some insights into our items that I'd like to share with youÖ

Khussa Indian Shoes
My very favorite way to wear khussa is with a pair of blue jeans.  I also love them under long gypsy and Indian style skirts (which I love to get from Divine Mother Earth in Sanford Florida).  I certainly don't limit khussa to casual looks!  They can work with about anything, suits, dresses, wedding gowns, bridesmaid's dresses... Indian shoes are the BEST!

Indian Glass Bangles
I have been addicted to glass bangles since I first encountered them back in 1999. Unlike metal Indian bangles I had previously worn, glass bangles transformed the jewelry from pretty but girlish to a statement! It takes a woman to wear glass bangles and a woman in glass bangles can be elegant & sophisticated or fun & free. There is just nothing like the sound and luminescence of glass bangles.  I confess, I'm completely addicted!

Henna Temporary Tattoos
I LOVE LOVE LOVE henna! I was such a dunce when I first started using henna. Iíve learned quite a bit since thenÖthe hard way. That is why you will find so much henna information on our site and our henna help site, www.ShopHenna.com.  I want to help you avoid the mistakes I made when I was new to henna.

If you are brand new to henna, you should read the first page of the henna help site and then get a Henna Starter Kit. I designed these Starter Kits especially for beginners. The biggest one is the Ultimate Henna Starter Kit and the Powder Starter Kit is nearly as good.

If you are local to Orlando be sure to check our events page and sign up for a henna workshop. I teach a beginners henna class once a quarter and henna technique henna classes as well.

Bindi Body Stickers
Sparkly and reusable!  Bindi are great!  The most common way to wear bindi is in the center of the forehead.  This will help focus your sixth chakra (and I need all the help with my focus that I can get).  Don't be confined to just wearing bindi on your forehead. Bindi can be worn anywhere, lower back, ankle, corner of the eyes, cleavage, whatever works for you.  Own your bindi!  Make it yours!

I am always looking for input from our clients. If you have anything to share, please email me. Is there a product, youíd like to see us carry? A part of the website you like? Something that is confusing you or you have questions about? Iím happy to hear about it!

Be sure to check the Beachcombers! Home Page often for Jodyís Personal Picks.

Happy Beachcombing!

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