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Bajidoo Art wood bindi bangles with hand painted henna designs.Bajidoo Art
by Brenda Abdoyan, Orlando Artist
Wood Henna Bangles and More!

We are excited to offer an exclusive line of
one-of-a-kind Bajidoo Art pieces that Brenda has created just for Beachcombers Bazaar!  We offer a variety of pieces including...
  • Colorful hand painted wood bangles
  • Henna painted wood bangles
  • Bindi Bangles
  • DIY Bajidoo Bangle Kits
  • Bajidoo DIY Bangle Kits at Beachcombers Bazaar!Bajidoo Box Sets (a beautifully painted wooden box with a matching bangle)
  • Bajidoo Premium Bangles made with semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals
  • LP Cuffs made from reclaimed vinyl record albums
  • Hand painted wood boxes with henna designs
  • Hand painted lampshades
  • and more!

Wood henna jewelery box with matching henna bangle by Bajidoo Art.Brenda is an accomplished henna artist and multi-media artist with an eye towards color and delicate design.  Let's ask the artist herself about Bajidoo Art...

About 9000 years ago and steeped in tradition, the practice of henna tattooing began, a form of art and beauty unto itself. A little more than 45 years ago my artistic eye began to develop. After a vacation trip to the Middle East in 2000, the two events somehow collided to form my brand of whimsical art. For my whimsy mixed media -- I incorporate the swirls, curves, circles & lines of Mehndi (henna) art into my images - then married, rather randomly to my expression of realism which I suppose is my view of real life, & viola!

Here you have it, special brand of what I coined to be "Bajidoo art". I work mainly in mixed media, most commonly -- watercolor, aquarelles, marker, pen & ink, and acrylics - but also work directly with henna paste, mixed especially for my purposes for creating art on wood and other surfaces.

Bajidoo mosaic wooden bangle from the premium bangle line.Notice her work has surprising little extras!  The inside of the bangles are decorated, or when you peek under the lid of a henna box, you'll find a delicate henna design

Stop by the store to see our current selection of henna bangles and henna boxes by Bajidoo.  Remember, they are one-of-a-kind pieces and will not last long!

If you are a henna artist yourself, Brenda has a wonderful henna recipe you should try...
Brenda's fantastic henna mixing video here!

< Blue Baroque Mosaic
From the Bajidoo Premium Bangle line, this gorgeous bangle features sea glass, micro marbles, and sparkling Swarovski crystals to create a stunning, head-turning piece of jewelry.

Anime high art bangle from the Bajidoo Premium Line.
The Hero >

This is an amazing piece of artistic impression in anime style!  In classic comic story telling style, this bangle begins with a square of the Princess followed by the Hero slaying a dragon for her.  Wear your hero!

Reclaimed vinyl bracelets, recyceld LP cuffs!  Crazy cool!
< Reclaimed LP Cuffs

That's right!  These cool cuffs are made from records...you remember...big discs of vinyl that produced music. 

As a former record junkie, I'm delighted to see records in poor condition being used for wearable art instead of ending up in landfills.  Everyone needs a LP cuff...Bajidoo style!

Swarovski crystal bindi bangle from the Bajidoo Premium bangle line

Shi Shi Sparkle >

Another gorgeous selection form the Premium Bajidoo Bangle line.  Bold bright colors used for the henna style art are set off with rainbow bindi, micro marbles, and sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Wood henna box with matching mehndi bangle. An exclusive Bajidoo Box set!

< Pink Vines Bangle and Bangle Box Set

Stunning box with a large matching bangle creates the perfect gift...especially at only 34.99!  The inside of the bangle is decorated with a stunning floral henna design in bright pink.

New Product Lines from Bajidoo Art!

Bracelets Made From Reclaimed LPs
Bracelt cuffs of reclaimed LPs, recycled vinyl record albums made into jewelry.

That's right!  These cool cuffs are made from records...you remember...big discs of vinyl that produced music.  As a former record junkie, I'm delighted to see records in poor condition being used for wearable art instead of ending up in landfills.  Everyone needs a LP cuff! 

Semi-Precious Stone, Swarovski Crystal, and Bindi Bangles
Banjidoo Premium Bangles with semi=precious stones, Swarovski crystals, and bindi body stickers.
Introducing a new line of Premium Bajidoo Bangles made with sparkling Swarovski Crystals, semi-precious stones such as yellow citrine and rubies, and intricate bindi bangles.  These are gorgeous and take wearable art to a whole new level.


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